Lesson One: Revolution!

Confident that he understands what the founding fathers wanted and that the US has gone astray, and determined to restore liberty to the land, high school history teacher Dan Starney is willing to break the law to recruit his best students to his cause. He doesn't want a bloody revolution, but in his mind leaving the bloated federal government in place is not an option. When he is unwittingly drawn into the public spotlight as part of a school controversy, Dan feels the need to speed up his plans, but he's not sure what to do about Karena.

Math teacher Karena Walsh has little interest in politics, unlike her late father. When she starts to suspect that Dan is doing something unethical and possibly dangerous, she decides to secretly find out what she can. As she learns more about Dan, her goal of investigating him starts to conflict with her growing romantic feelings toward him, and she finds more than her career and reputation at risk.

This controversial novel has been called everything from "disturbing" to "a MUST READ" -- take a look and decide for yourself!

Also available in print and on other e-book platforms such as NOOK and Kobo.

Comments From Reviewers

"The subject really had me wanting to stop reading. Mostly because I can totally see it happening. I could not stop reading it, though. It drew me in and kept me reading until the very end. [...] I can't tell you that I love this book, but I will tell you that I am going to read it again." - Stacie Bass