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Do you like to stick your nose in a long novel and not come up for air until hours later, or at least not until your coffee cup is in need of a refill? Or are you the type who tries to fit in a short story while you commute to work on the train, or maybe an audio book in your car during rush hour? Or are non-fiction books more to your liking?

No matter what you like to read, how you read it, or where you read, Crenel Publishing encourages you to indulge your love of reading and share it with others. The writers we work with, and writers around the world who have never heard of Crenel Publishing, spend many long hours practicing their craft and bringing to you new and unique works of all kinds.

Although most of this site is oriented toward helping writers, we also welcome readers to explore the site and see what it has to offer. Check out the "Writers" tab to see what authors have set up an account here, or stop by the "Books" tab for a list of books that were either written by a writer here or were worked on by Crenel Publishing.

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