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Jack and Lola: A Story of Two Ghoulish Friends

Trouble is brewing in the quiet town of Storyville. One of the most festive nights of the year, Halloween, has arrived in the small peaceful town. The streets are buzzing with the sounds of festivities all around. In the midst of the parties there's a secret to be found, two ghoulish friends one named Jack and the other Lola. Unknown to the townspeople, these two friends will venture out to stir up their own kind of fun.

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The Yummy Scrummies

Six fun stories about the cakes living in Butterville Town and their antics. The most delicious book you will ever read!

Available in print and for the Kindle.

Two Boys, Two Planets

Imagination can take us far beyond our home world, and in the near future spacecraft may take us to Mars in person. This story, accompanied by richly-colored illustrations, is a fanciful tale of a boy on Earth who looks to the sky and finds out he is not the only one captivated by the idea of venturing to other planets.

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