Why Crenel Publishing?

Why Should I Choose Crenel Publishing?

Book publishing has changed a lot over time, and the changes in the past 10 years have radically altered how books are prepared. If you don't have the time, tools, knowledge, or other resources to prepare your book, you should work with a service provider that has solid experience developing both print and digital content. Print editions and digital editions are handled very differently; a book in print is handled like many other hard-copy products, but an eBook is essentially a stand-alone, encapsulated Web site. Whatever service provider you choose should have a comprehensive background across the print and digital publishing spectrum, and should not set exorbitant rates for services that actually can be handled by you with little or no experience. However, if you need assistance with those steps, the service provider you select should be prepared to guide you through them with a focus on achieving your total satisfaction. This describes Crenel Publishing perfectly.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Some people will tell you that you can do everything yourself in Microsoft Word and upload your Word file for free, avoiding any cost at all (other than the software — and that can be avoided by using LibreOffice instead). Unless you are only publishing in print (no eBook version) and have experience producing production-quality PDF files, following this advice will sacrifice quality in the name of short-term savings. If you go this route for an eBook, or if you don't have experience producing PDF files ready for print production, we're reasonably confident you will regret this "free" approach: When the poorly-formatted results generate negative reviews on Amazon, those savings don't look so appealing after all.

Producing professional-quality book files for indie publishing requires knowledge, time, proper tools, skills & talents developed through experience, and a customer-focused attitude. We set our base rates and add-on costs at a level that we feel provides you with an affordable route to getting the quality you need, while ensuring that we are able to continue offering these services by not charging below our costs.

Why Does It Not Cost More?

There are people and companies charging more — sometimes ten times more or more — for publishing services designed for indie authors. It is our view that they are taking advantage of the relatively new market for such services. We also feel they are taking advantage of the lack of experience and knowledge that self-publishing authors face when embarking on their first book project. We don't charge those abusive rates because we want you to be happy in the long term, not just when you first see your new book on the market.