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Born and raised in the shadow of more than one volcano, and growing up surrounded by militarily-valuable targets during the Cold War, Stuart Whitmore was one misfortune away from sudden death. What better way to escape thoughts of impending doom (or, more likely, boredom from watching too many TV reruns) than writing a novel? His first was written in 9th and 10th grade, and before he graduated from high school he completed the first draft of his second full-length novel.

With a VIC-20 for a computer at the time, real word processing was not on the horizon. Those first two novels (and several later books) were handwritten in spiral notebooks, typically with cheap ballpoint pens. While enjoyable and good practice developing a story, this mode of writing was not a fast route to sharing work with readers beyond family and friends, so writing was eventually pushed aside by career and other "real life" demands.

That career, luckily, resulted in a solid background for creating and publishing digital content. Thanks to growth in the e-reader device market, options exist now for writers to get their works out to a global audience, options never dreamed about in the glow of the 22-character-wide VIC-20 display. Combining his writing and technical background with digital publishing capabilities, Stuart now shares his work with readers far beyond his personal circle of contacts.